The Science of Reincarnation

The philosopher David Hume said, in his essay Of the Immortality of the Soul : ‘Metempsychosis [reincarnation] is…. the only [survival] system of this kind that philosophy can hearken to.’ Some philosophers, psychologists and thinkers admit that reincarnation is a very sensible idea because it would answer so many questions and problems about human existence.

The idea of reincarnation has existed for thousands of years. Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age beliefs adhere to forms of reincarnation, but all hold somewhat differing ideas to its purpose and its methods. Hinduism, in short, believes in an eternal soul that accumulates karma during its lifetime that eventually attracts the soul to another body, which may or may not be human. Buddhism is similar, except there is no eternal personal soul that is reincarnated, but instead the energy force created by karma is that which is reincarnated. The goal of Buddhism is to become free of the illusion of self, which is part of the desire for life that creates karma and therefore causes reincarnation. Nirvana is total annihilation of the self to become the One at which point there is an end to reincarnation and an extinction of personal self. New Age beliefs are less dogmatic, but still have certain ideas associated with reincarnation; sometimes much to do, it seems, with personal taste.

If we look carefully we can find scientific evidence of the structures that allow reincarnation to exist. And if we study these structures we should be able to find exactly how reincarnation works and to therefore know what will happen to us after we die.

Reincarnation, or metempsychosis, is the transfer, or migration, of the soul from one body to another body. To sustain the personal soul the soul can only go to a body without a soul, that is, to an unborn human child (note: human; not animal, because evolution of consciousness is an ascension - humans have higher consciousness than animals, therefore there is no point in going backwards).

As we saw in the Soul page, a human being has a bio-plasma body, which the evidence tells us must contain a structure of consciousness - the soul. The soul has structured the bio-plasma by recording the essence of a person’s life experience. Because bio-plasma is a property of living matter an unborn child would also have a bio-plasma, but would not yet have had any concrete experiences that would form a soul structure in the bio-plasma. At a certain stage the unborn human child, in short, does not yet have a soul. Therefore, when a person dies, their soul must be transmitted to an unborn child, which then structures the bio-plasma of the child with the bio-plasmic pattern of the dying person’s soul. The death and transfer are part of the method of the evolution of consciousness.

Many mystics, such as Eileen Garrett, a well-known clairvoyant, have seen spirals of energy leaving the dead body . However, although a transfer of energy may also accompany reincarnation, we know that the pattern of the soul has to be transmitted. In August 1986, Sydney University’s scientific research team discovered a ‘low level’ energy field.

The field was described as being possibly the Universal or Unified Field, and was able to transmit energy patterns from one natural source to another and produce a physical formation of those patterns. The Science/Art Research Centre in Berri, South Australia confirmed this when researchers there successfully replicated the experiment conducted at Sydney University [Ref: Mark Balfour. Simply Living. Vol. 3, No. 10. P.86.]. The soul, to transmit from one bio-plasma to another, needs to transmit its pattern, so the discovery of this energy field reveals a fundamental structure for reincarnation.

When does a baby receive it’s soul?

So, can we work out precisely at what moment the baby in the womb would receive his or her soul? Apart from somehow viewing the foetus’s bio-plasma with an electron microscope to look for some sort of rapid pattern structuring, perhaps it is an indication that the soul has arrived when the baby in the womb begins to dream.

There are many psychological and physiological theories for dreams, but we still do not really know why we dream - this part of our life is still a mystery. From the point of view of soul-to-brain interaction dreaming could be a meeting ground of soul and everyday self, or sometimes perhaps a plane of free play of the spirit, or of higher learning, problem solving, or even precognition. The psychologist Wilson Van Dusen thought that we could communicate with our higher self at the edge of sleep, and in our dreams this communication becomes symbolic and can tell us the truth about our lives.

When we sleep we alternate between dream sleep (called paradoxical sleep because brain wave emissions are almost the same as those we have while awake) and deep sleep (or orthodox sleep). While awake our brain waves are usually in the beta wave. In dreaming they slow to alpha wave. In deep sleep they slow even more to the deep waves of delta. Dreaming is less common in deep sleep, although it can occur. Most subjects woken from deep delta sleep would say they weren’t dreaming, and some say they were just thinking about something.

Occult investigator Colin Wilson wasn’t satisfied by the scientist’s conviction that we only dream in the shallow alpha states. He reasoned that since on the edge of sleep we experience dream-type images, called hypnagogic visions, it is hard to see why they would just shut off when we fall into deep delta sleep (our sleep patterns start with deep delta sleep and then after about two hours surface into the shallower alpha dream sleep [REM sleep] before plummeting again). In his book, Mysteries, Wilson gives examples of dream prophecies, which he suggests come to the dreamer while in deep delta sleep.

From my own experiences I am inclined to agree with Wilson. For about 12 months I experimented with what is called astral travel. When I eventually succeeded in inducing this state it was clear to me that what I had been practicing was to keep a small point of consciousness awake as I plummeted into deep delta sleep. Once in the depths of this state I found extreme consciousness and feeling, I was able to go anywhere I wanted, to fly, but the most important thing about this state was that I was in touch with the higher, or even ultimate part of my being, and with the higher being of existence.

The ‘music’ or feeling of ultimate being was all around me, and I was struck by the power of my awareness, as if in comparison the normal waking state was a blurry, unfeeling existence. For me the lesson of astral travel was that it revealed to me the possibility of higher awareness and feeling, which I was later able to develop in my normal awake state. The point being made is that in our sleep, in our dreams, and in our depths of being, we can make contact with our soul and the larger dream of the Ultimate Beings. If in the depths of deep sleep we are in contact with our source and our eternal soul, then it seems reasonable to suppose that when the unborn child shows indications of dreaming, at about the eighth month [The Secret Life of the Unborn Child P.29.], the soul has arrived.

How then does the soul ‘transmit’, or migrate, from one body to another? Some eastern philosophies profess that the universe exists in a sea of vital energy, and as the discoveries earlier mentioned attest, this sea of energy has been uncovered using scientific equipment (such as Milner’s energy patterns). In the context of the Ultimate Beings this energy would be their being, and although they have no consciousness they would have what could be called an unconscious, or non-conscious mind. In simple poetic terms they are forever asleep and the universe is their dream within which we exist, but only we can be aware of the dream. Their dream is our reality. Within the Ultimate Beings, within their unconscious minds, this energy is their mindstuff.

The transmission of the soul in reincarnation would operate through this all-pervading energy.

From The Science of Soulmates.


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