The Purpose of Soulmates

Secular view:

Soulmates are the result of a deep connection that develops between two people because they have similar minds.

Spiritual view:

There is a design to the universe and soulmates are a necessary part of the meaning and purpose of existence.

With the secular view, whether or not Soulmates are true, would depend upon how lucky or persevering a person is in finding someone highly compatible.

It does happen, but statistically, most people are not that lucky, or not that patient. However there are ways of improving your chances of finding your secular and spiritual soulmate.

The Science of Soulmates has exhaustively researched, using all disciplines, for evidence for the design of the universe. The results are that the only possible design or spiritual purpose to existence is that Soulmates are the meaning and purpose of existence.

Simply put the theory is that the source of existence, what some people call God, consists of two forces.

These forces are male and female. These two male and female energy fields have been discovered.

Human beings are the manifestation of these forces. Our role is to awaken ourselves to our source. Our goal is to unite these forces in awareness by finding our soulmate.

For a theory to be more than a fantasy there are many elements that need to make sense. The kind of soulmate that exists in the meaning of existence is a one and only soulmate.

This means you have one soulmate whom you journey through lifetimes with. While you may have many partners, you only have one true soulmate, who is searching for you, as you are searching for them.

See How to find our soulmate.



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