Do Soulmates exist?

Secular view:

Soulmates are the result of a deep connection that develops between two people because they have similar minds.

Spiritual view:

There is a design to the universe and soulmates are a necessary part of the meaning and purpose of existence.

With the secular view, whether or not Soulmates are true, would depend upon how lucky or persevering a person is in finding someone highly compatible.

It does happen, but statistically, most people are not that lucky, or not that patient. However there are ways of improving your chances of finding your secular and spiritual soulmate.

The Science of Soulmates has exhaustively researched, using all disciplines, for evidence for the design of the universe. The results are that the only possible design or spiritual purpose to existence is that Soulmates are the meaning and purpose of existence.

Simply put the theory is that the source of existence, what some people call God, consists of two forces.

These forces are male and female. These two male and female energy fields have been discovered.

Human beings are the manifestation of these forces. Our role is to awaken ourselves to our source. Our goal is to unite these forces in awareness by finding our soulmate.

For a theory to be more than a fantasy there are many elements that need to make sense. The kind of soulmate that exists in the meaning of existence is a one and only soulmate.

This means you have one soulmate whom you journey through lifetimes with. While you may have many partners, you only have one true soulmate, who is searching for you, as you are searching for them.

See How to find our soulmate.

Evidence for the source of soulmates

Scientific instruments recorded evidence of a fundamental energy pattern that reveals the source of existence and the source of the phenomenon of soulmates.

Dennis Milner and Edward Smart co-authored a book titled, The loom of creation: A study of the purpose and the forces that weave the pattern of existence, which contains many photographs of energy patterns that exist everywhere in the universe, even in a vacuum.

Many scientists say these energies are the fundamental force patterns responsible for all existence. While the patterns are varied in their appearance, there are notably two distinct types: ‘sphere-forming warmth ether or the raying-out light ether'.

As Biologist Lyall Watson confirms, the patterns are of two distinct and separate entities. The fact that there are two energies underlying all of existence is further evidence of the male and female forces responsible for soulmates. [Purpose for Soulmates]

A close look at these two energies reveals the latent essences of male and female intrinsic within them. In the pattern (1 below), we see a central core out of which force lines reach out in a kind of structured, mathematical way.

In pattern (2 below), there is also a central core, but its way of reaching out, or extending itself, is with other sperical, core-like structures.

We can relate the first pattern (1), to the nature of Man, because from the centre of his being Man reaches out into existence in a logical, mechanistic, linear way.

There are many force lines radiating from the core of the pattern, just as man's nature involves many ‘structures' to enable him to reach out into existence and interrelate.

In societal Man, this is revealed in the way men need the aid of activities in order to communicate, while women do not need these ulterior diversions as much; a woman's communication is more direct and close.

This ability of women for intimacy, or closeness, can be related to the other force pattern (2), where this entity's way of reaching out into existence is through extensions of its core with other core structures.

This reaching out with one's core and receiving through one's core describes the intuition and feeling inherent in women in an uncannily accurate and beautiful way. We can see, in just this element of the pattern alone, the spiritual origin of that part of Woman's nature which is intuition: an ability to feel what's right because experience enters Woman directly, whereas Man gleans his experience through a labyrinth of structures.

It is quite astounding to recognise that these simple patterns, when looked at from the proper perspective, can reveal the complexities of human nature laying latent in their structure.


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