The Science of the Soul

Semyon Kirlian discovered a type of energy structure infusing and surrounding the body of all living things in 1939 in Russia, after noticing its appearance around patients while undergoing electro-therapy. Kirlian and his wife then spent the next 25 years developing the technology with which to study this energy structure. Using Kirlian technology biophysicists and biochemists were then able to study this energy structure using an electron microscope. In 1968 scientists in Russia officially announced the discovery of a new energy system in all living things. Biochemists say that this energy body is, ‘some sort of elementary plasma-like constellation made of ionised particles… not a chaotic system, but a whole unified organism in itself.’ The scientists studying this energy body called it ‘bio-plasma energy’.

It was further discovered, under closer examination, that this bio-plasma body had certain points of intense energy that corresponded exactly to the 700 main points of the ancient Chinese acupuncture chart. Due to developments from the Kirlians’ bio-plasma technology, electronic aids to accurately mark acupuncture points are being used by medical laboratories around the world to treat patients. This is hard evidence that the existence of the bio-plasma body is real and that it is intimately related to our physical body.

What does this bio-plasma body look like?

‘Every living thing placed in the high-frequency discharge produces these patterns. A whole hand can look like the Milky Way, sparking and twinkling against a glowing background of gold and blue. A freshly picked leaf shines with an internal light that streams out through its pores in beams that gradually flick out one by one as it dies. Leaves taken from the plants of the same species show similar jewelled patterns, but if one of the plants is diseased, the pattern in its leaf is entirely different. Similarly the pattern produced by the same fingertip changes with the mood and health of the man to whom it belongs.’

A pattern can have an intrinsic meaning that is more profound than just its appearance. Kirlian also thought about a deeper meaning attached to the bio-plasmic patterns:

‘In living things, we see the signals of the inner state of the organism reflected in the brightness, dimness and colour of the flares. The inner life activities of the human being are written in these “light” hieroglyphs. We’ve created an apparatus to write the hieroglyphs, but to read them, were going to need help.’

The discovery of the bio-plasma body was nothing new to mystics and psychics; they had always known of its existence and some can even see it. They call it the aura.

Cambridge biologist Oscar Bagnell designed special hollow lenses filled with coloured dye that sensitised his eyes and enabled him to view the aura first hand. His description of the human aura is like those describing the bio-plasma body seen using the Kirlian technology. ‘Bagnell describes the aura as being composed of a hazy outer layer and a brighter inner layer, in which there seems to be striations running out at right angles from the skin, Bagnell and other aura watchers say that every once in a while a much brighter ray “reaches out from the aura like a searchlight” and extends several feet from the body before vanishing again.’

The bio-plasma body has been observed as ‘a whole unified organism in itself’, and just as the human biological organism has a brain and nervous system that produces consciousness, it stands to reason that the bio-plasma organism would have a corresponding structure that would produce consciousness. As its correspondence with acupuncture has shown, the bio-plasma body is connected with, and an extension of, the biological body; and again it stands to reason that there must be something in the bio-plasma body that has to do with the brain and nervous system of the biological body. The bio-plasma body, in short, should contain some extension or alternative plane of consciousness to the brain.

Our brains form neuronal patterns from our experience. In a similar way it is likely that our bio-plasma ‘brain’ would also form patterns from our experience. Biochemists describe the bio-plasma as an organised constellation, so we can see that the concept of pattern-formation fits neatly into the bio-plasma.

The bio-plasma ‘brain’ is what we call the soul.

Since the brain is quite capable of recording our experience and permitting analytical thought, it follows that the soul would exist for other purposes. Since the soul must have a purpose it could be that the soul records the essence of experience and therefore the essence of personality.

On our journey through life we will go through life-altering and profound realisations. If we think of our own life, and others we know, we may recall the milestones or turning points that have come from the lessons of life. These climaxes are things a soul would want to keep on its journey through its many lifetimes. These climaxes are not simply memories (neuronal-brain structures), but are paradigms of consciousness, that is, a new way of seeing, a new way of being, a new plane of awareness, and an evolution of consciousness. A paradigm is a new pattern or model. So we gain a new perceptual and conceptual model to base our experience on, and a new pattern of self is recorded in the bio-plasma as a memory of the soul.

In times of mystical awareness, transcendent states, or higher consciousness, our consciousness would likely be operating through the soul. When we elevate our awareness to the soul we would experience true ‘knowing’ of self (our larger, many lifetimes, ancient self); hence the phrase from a Gnostic text that says: you have within you, everlasting life, examine yourself, so you may live.

If we ascend to our soul, the self we realise and become is the self that never dies, because this is the self that is reincarnated. The stages achieved toward our power of awareness (our evolving soul) would need to be ‘saved’ through reincarnation. In our lifetimes we would always partly be living through our soul, so a part of us would never die, but our destiny would be to become, as much as possible, our eternal self.

The soul: the container of the essence of a person’s nature and the vehicle for the eternal self.

From The Science of Soulmates.

Kirlian photograph experiments with Uri Geller

A Kirlian photograph of Uri's finger sending a burst of energy during one of his demonstrations.

Uri's finger at rest.

This photograph shows Uri attempting to form the shape of the number 5 that he was receiving telepathically.

Above: Kirlian photographs of Uri's fingertip sending bursts of energy toward a key. The photographs were taken at the University of California's Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Above: a blow-up showing Uri's finger with the energy spurt.

Above: Among the first Kirlian photographs taken of Uri. The top photograph is of his finger at rest. In the bottom photograph, Uri sends energy toward a watch.
The Ghost in the Machine.

Experimenters who have wired up human subjects to test their response time between thought and action, have found something bewildering. They found that the muscle responses to picking up a cup for example, occur BEFORE conscious thought*. In other words, it seems there is some force or agent that tells our body to do something before we actually think of it. Our thoughts are coming AFTER our actions. Ever so slightly but able to be verified by instruments.

How is this possible? This evidence points to two things: the soul and destiny. The existence of the soul explains how our actions can precede our thought, because our soul is really in control and our consciousness (our everyday self) can only follow what our soul (our higher self) dictates. It also brings into light destiny. That all events happen before we are aware of them. Because our thoughts are following something predetermined. If our thoughts come after we begin to act it follows our thoughts are not in control and that our being is following our destiny and intimations from our soul.

Scientists say the experiments reveal our unconscious mind initiates our actions and our consciousness only thinks it has made a choice. The unconscious in this light is no longer an appropriate term. If it controls our being it really is our higher consciousness. The explanation of the unconsciousness in this context must be abandoned and the term higher consciousness, higher self, or soul is more appropriate.

We must remain on our toes so that sciences usual way of quickly explaining away important, world shaking, information which is outside sciences world view, does not hide the truth.** To say the unconscious is consciously making decisions doesn't cut it. You have to at least rename it. And even renaming a part of our mind to the “ higher mind” brings it into range of the soul. It means we must re-examine our mindful make up. It means we have a higher self. A soul.

** An example of science hiding a truth is in its using the term "Placebo Effect", to wash over what is actually faith healing, or rather a person using mind over matter (psychokinesis) to heal her or himself. It is not consciously intended, it is just that scientists are left brain "trained" and miss out on what only the right brain can apprehend. They do not even realize that placebo effect is actually real proof of psychokinesis healing. It is so prominent that all drug tests must take placebo effect into account. In other words, those pesky humans are so good at healing themselves it is corrupting the scientific data. If you think about it for yourself, and lose the term "placebo effect", you can only come to the same conclusion. Think for yourselves, freshly, don't let narrow minded left brained scientists do your thinking for you. They are good at what they do, which is to use strict method to get the facts (left brain ability), but not as good at seeing the whole picture (right brain ability) if it is does not fall into what they consider reality.
*Reference: Benjamin Libet's experiments suggest unconscious processes in the brain are the true initiator of volitional acts, therefore, little room remains for the operations of free will. If the brain has already taken steps to initiate an action before we are aware of any desire to perform it, the causal role of consciousness in volition is all but eliminated..

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