Soulmate Telepathic Relationships.

Telepathy and psychokinesis have been proven by scientific experiments conducted over 30 years at Princeton university: (PEAR) program

We don't hear much about this in the media because of the prejudice of old-school science to what has for so long been in the realm of the supernatural.

As one scientist commented, "even if it were true, I wouldn't believe it" [The PEAR Proposition, DVD, see the Princeton site].

But the evidence is there and is as substantial and valid as the evidence for electrons. So what does this mean for us and for our search for our soulmate?

It means that we are absolutely connected to our soulmate. Even those who doubt the existence of an eternal soulmate who is entwined with them through many lifetimes can be guaranteed that they are still connected to someone in the world who is of the most like-minded to them.

The existence of telepathy has many connotations. It means there is a whole world of interaction, a web of communication and shared thoughts and feelings of which most of the world is as yet unaware.

As the experiments at Princeton have shown, telepathy is instant across any distance. You could be communicating with your soulmate who is on the other side of the world, or next-door.

If you have had a feeling that there is someone out there for you, and you can sometimes feel him or her so deeply, but you are afraid to believe it. You can be assured that these feelings are likely to be real. You don't have to believe in a soulmate or a destiny; the telepathic contact has been proven by science.

As the Princeton studies have shown, the telepathic contact is stronger with someone who you "click" with. Since telepathy knows no distance, then the biggest "click" would be with your soulmate, or if you don't want to believe in soulmates, it would be with the one who is perfect for you.

If you want to find your soulmate or your perfect partner, you need to learn how to recognize your telepathic contact and strengthen the connection. Once this is achieved, a pair of soulmates should be able to find each other through being bold enough to follow their dream.

You have one head start: you now know that telepathy actually exists. There is no doubt. So you don't have to believe, you now know and you can use this knowledge to fulfill and enrich your life.

So, the next time your eyes meet a stranger and there is something powerful in that instant, don't ignore it, it could be the mystery of you and your soulmates colliding.

A Telepathic universe

What indications are there for a living, telepathic universe? Physicist Brian O'Leary gives us some clues:

“We have the anthropic principal which states that the universe is here because we are here: a randomly developing universe could not accommodate us. We have the matter - energy equivalence principle which states that matter is stored energy following the formula E=mc2.

We have Bell's theorem which proposes that each of any two particles that have previously interacted `know what the other is doing even after they separate.'”

Bell's theorem is particularly interesting because Johns Bell has proved the theory in his Calcite Crystal experiments. The experiment splits a light beam into two and then refracts one of the pair of beams (photon particles) with crystals.

The other of the pair behaves as if it “knows” instantly what the other is doing. Not only does this experiment contradict Einstein's relativity (information between the particles is shared instantly, therefore faster than light) but also, it reveals that the basic building blocks of the universe show indications of a telepathic type of connection which we normally attribute to minds.

David Suzuki showed the crystal experiment on a television program titled Connections: “The Mysteries of mind”. In the same program he also revealed an experiment at Princeton University where psychokinesis (the manipulation of matter by the mind) was proved using an electronic coin flipper and subjects chosen at random by the University. Suzuki concluded, “One must then ask if the basic physical modeling of the universe is correct.”

Considering the proof available of things like psychokinesis and the mindful behaviour of elementary particles, science must embrace this knowledge and rethink our basic concept of existence.

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