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The Science of Soulmates: The internationally acclaimed book that reveals soulmates are the true meaning of existence.

☆ If there is a purpose to existence then everything must exist for that purpose.
☆ This means that all things that exist are the necessary structures that allow the meaning of existence.
☆ Once we realize this we can search within these structures to find absolute truth.
☆ By exploring the details of how everything works within these structures we can discover the true meaning of existence.

The meaning of existence that emerges from this exploration has come from utilizing all possible methods of human research. These include scientific evidence, mystical evidence, philosophical necessity, logic, and deduction. The meaning uncovered, at its core, points to the existence of soulmates as the fundamental element in the fulfillment and design of the universe. Along with soulmates the true nature of reincarnation, auras, transcendental consciousness and other higher realities are uncovered.

Why are you here? What is your life's purpose? What is the meaning of your life? Do you have a one and only soulmate?

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soul mate self help No amount of socializing or speed dating will help you more than being your true self.

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"The Science of Soulmates is by far the most outstanding piece of work I have read in the genré of soul-mates... Henderson literally takes off where Redfield's Celestine Prophecy ended" Dr. Maryel McKIinlay, Awareness Magazine. soulmate news

"If you're interested in higher awareness, destiny, and love, then The Science of Soulmates is for you." Jay Metz, Magical Blend Magazine. soul mate information

"Chapter by chapter Henderson examines the common themes at the heart of every spiritual search and explains why recent discoveries in physics, medicine, psychology and other scientific fields serve to confirm the existence of what he calls the Ultimate Being." Ellen Tanner Marsh, Foreword magazine.soulmate revelation

"How and why are we drawn to the ones that we love? Is it just chemistry, or is there something more that is also tied to other, larger mysteries of existence? An entertaining and enticing theory of existence that places Love at the center of not just relationships, but of Being itself." Editor Jeff Schwaner.

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In a new book, the Author of The Science of Soulmates now consolidates his method of Self Evolution to enable human beings to make The next evolutionary leap. Using mind training methods to light more of the unconscious mind, the training elevates human beings to the next level: The SuperHuman being.

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